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A Canadian friend of mine who lives in Canada, had Dutch citizenship?

The Dutch government is trying to make it more difficult to retain dual nationality. A passport is not necessarily proof of nationality. If he has Canadian citizenship, he *can* lose his Dutch citizenship if he doesnt renew his Dutch passport on time. He may even have lost Dutch nationality on gaining Canadian citizenship. You can lose your Dutch citizenship *if* - you hold another nationality, - have not lived in the Netherlands (or the EU) for over 10 years,- and have not renewed your Dutch passport in time. Official source here:Loss and the revoking of Dutch nationality Relevant quote:(you can lose your Dutch citizenship if)You have dual citizenship. And you have lived for at least 10 consecutive years outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the European Union.unlessYou have received a new Dutch passport or a declaration of Dutch citizenship (link only available in Dutch) on time. On time means before the 10 years are over. All is not lost; a former Dutch citizen can likely regain their citizenship through the option procedure. Official source here:Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

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