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How long are most Canadians with a Canadian passport permitted to?

You should consult with a US Embassy in Canada or US Immigration attorney for your specific needs. U.S. Residency Rules Every Canadian Snowbird Must Know There are two major agencies who assess your status and their assessments may not be in harmony: the IRS and CBP. In general, a Canadian can visit the US for about 120 days per 365 day period on a rolling basis. Nonetheless, the intent as determined by an agency, trumps any numerical guideline. Even if you are in the US for a short period, an immigration officer could determine that your intent is to establish a permanence of connection or residency in the US. If you plan to come to the US for any other purpose or intent that as a temporary visitor with no professional activity on US soil, you may require a visa; even if you arrive without a visa under a visitor status, if you havent previously indicated to the passport control officer at the point of entry that you intended to seek a more definitive status, you may NOT be allowed to change status once in the US. Thus, those who intend to become students, to seek medical care, to work even as a consultant on mission in the US, to get married or any activity that is not simply to visit, should first check before heading to the airport. I doubt that an officer would turn up at your door to kick you out of the US but you run the risk of running afoul of US Immigration laws and jeopardizing future travel, as well as, almost worse, becoming subject to US tax requirements that carry felonious charges for non compliance that can last until your death if you become deemed a US Person.

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