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It is much cheaper than a new passport.  If you want to stay for a prolonged period in Vancouver or Victoria and are not staying for business or personal reasons, you'll have to get a new passport. The Canadian citizenship guidebook, Citizenship for Dummies, is a good reference for anyone contemplating Canadian citizenship. If you are still interested in applying for citizenship, check out the Federal Immigration Site. For those of you who are not planning on applying, here's a useful infographic: Here is a short guide to Canadian residency status by province.  For information on citizenship, please see the Federal Immigration Site, along with other documents.

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PDF documents cannot be used for passport renewal applications. In fact, they are perfectly acceptable. Citizens do not need a valid form of identification or proof of citizenship to renew their passport. However, they do need to bring photo identification with them. That being said, it should be noted that the Department of State's website does make several important errors in respect to passport renewal applications. A link to their website on this subject is included below. 1.  In the DS-82 form (see link below), the Department states that the following documents are not acceptable for passport renewal: A copy of a Canadian government-issued photo ID issued in Canada. A government-issued photo ID issued under the United States' State of Emergency Regulations. A government-issued medical photo ID (see footnote 2). The government-issued health card is not a valid form of identification. It is not accepted for passport renewal; a non-government-issued health card.

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U003c\/p\u003e If you are eligible, you will receive a unique number — a EX # — which is used to submit your application. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail once we have received your completed application. We are unable to accept the PTC 482 applications on e-Serve. To submit your PTC 482 online, please follow the steps described below: Go to Copy and paste the following:  This example is for a Canadian citizen living in the United States. Your POC number or the last four digits of your passport number (with spaces) should be entered into the POC search window Enter the number that corresponds to your Canadian passport (or the last four digits of your passport number). If you are applying in two or more locations, be sure to include both (or all) of your POC numbers. If your POC # is not entered in the online form, your PTC # won't be processed. Complete the Passport.

Adult simplified renewal passport application

C. Residents ONLY. To download a PDF version of the application, please click here To download an application containing the required forms, please return it with 15 and the appropriate fee to your local passport office. For passport applicants coming from all provinces and territories: We recommend you also submit a copy of your current, valid passport when applying. We also recommend you provide a list of family members travelling with you. If all applicants are in one household, all applicants may submit the following: If any applicants are residents of, only applicants residing in Vancouver, Calgary (including the surrounding Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo) or Abbotsford may apply in person at the following offices: Please note: If you are applying on a family visa (permanent resident) your passport MUST BE valid for at least six months after your application is received. Please submit payment by check/money order only (not cash). All other forms of payment (credit/debit cards,.